Constructing a New Generation.


King Stud Contracting inc. is a company that all started with a dad teaching his son his Craft. My Dad is a General contractor and he had been in the business long before I was born.  My name is Anthonie McGowan and what I remember as a child was my dad always building, creating, making, fixing, taking my brothers and I to jobs. If you wanted to know how to fix or do something, he was and still is the guy to ask. So naturally by the time I was in high school I had already learned how to do just about anything when it came to construction. I started a painting business while I was in high school, and that transformed into a handyman business. While I was on painting jobs my clients would ask if I knew someone for a different type of project or trade. I was always able to say, “I do that as well!”.

Slowly but surely the word got around that I was a jack of all trades and people would call me for just about everything. At a certain point the projects grew and grew. They went from painting with handy man type odds and ends, to bathroom remodels, then kitchen remodels, and so on. Eventually the Label “Handy man” was simply holding me back. When bigger jobs came about I started to work under my dad’s contractors license. Then I realized, it was only “bigger” jobs coming my way. It was time to step up and start King Stud Contracting.

Since then King Stud Contracting has been hired for jobs that span all over the spectrum. Commercial tenant improvements, all types of commercial and residential remodels, custom bars, and custom pieces of furniture. From building out a doctor’s office, or a restaurant, to building that custom bar/man cave in the garage Etc. We have passed the test of skill and diversity. King Stud Contracting is a licensed and insured contracting company. We love what we do, and strive to leave a client feeling like they just found the last contractor they’ll ever need to find.

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